About YF Translations for Food

YF Translations for Food is a home-based translation service operated by Yasuyo Fuwa, a Japanese freelance translator. I directly deal with clients and offer J-E and E-J translation services focusing on food texts such as menus and recipes.

I have a keen interest in food and cooking, besides being a professional translator. I am a self-taught amateur cook, and my knowledge comes from eating, reading and experiencing food of various countries. I have lived and worked in Switzerland, England, Belgium, U.A.E. and China. I was back again in England and have been living here since March 2015. My husband is a Chef as well as French, and we both like eating and cooking and are enjoying a wide variety of foods every day.

I was in the hospitality industry before I started working as a translator. I was not working in restaurants, but I was partly involved in basic restaurant management, menu planning and food service operations.

If you are a restaurant owner and your restaurant has many Japanese guests, you may need the menus translated into Japanese. If you are a restaurant owner in Japan and you have guests from various countries having a trouble explaining menus written in Japanese, you may need the menus translated into English. Then, YF Translations will be your solution.

I am posting pictures of my food on this blog to give you some ideas about food translations that I can offer.

Please feel free to contact me anytime if you have any food translation request.

To get a quote for your translation, please see Translation Procedure.

I am also offering business translation services and visit at 

YF Translations for Business for more details and my availability.

Thank you for your visit and I am looking forward to working for clients around the world!

YF Translations for Foodは、日本人フリーランス翻訳者の不破康予が運営する在宅翻訳サービスです。お客様との直接取引により、メニューやレシピなど料理関係の翻訳サービスを提供しています。



海外でレストランを経営している方で、日本人のお客様が多く、日本語に翻訳したメニューが欲しい、また日本でレストランを経営している方で、海外からのお客様が多く、日本語のメニューの説明が出来ず困っているので英語のメニューが欲しい、こんな時はYF Translationsがお手伝いをさせていただきます。



翻訳のお見積りは、Translation Procedureをご覧ください。

ビジネス関係の翻訳サービスも提供しております。詳細およびスケジュールについてはYF Translations for Business(英語)およびYF Translations(日本語)をご覧ください。



YF Translations for Food
Translator: Yasuyo Fuwa